The DigiTrainsPro application is free to download and try. This allows users to test whether the application on the device they are using (phone, tablet, PC) and the digital command station they want to connect to is working properly.

Before making a purchase, users must make sure that the program and its limited functionality are working properly with the device and the digital command station they wish to use. With a subscription, users purchase unlimited use of features for a specified period of time, and are required to ensure that they function properly before making a purchase. Therefore no refund is possible.

If, for any reason, the user does not wish or can continue to use the full functionality, he will no longer subscribe to the program.

The DigiTrainsPro application is fully functional with a monthly subscription. The App ID associated with your subscription – which must be provided in the order notes (comment) section when ordering – will be recorded on a server within 2 business days after receiving the payment. At the same time, the invoice will be emailed to you. Then the subscription must be activated in the Premium menu of the DigiTrainsPro application by clicking the “Refresh subscription status” button (this menu is located in the main menu). Internet access required to get subscription status! After a successful retrieval, no further action is required and no internet connection is required until your subscription expires.

The starting day of the subscription is the day the App ID is registered on the server. It expires on the same day of the following month, regardless of the length of the month.

If the user has an active subscription at the time of order, the first day of the subscription is the first day after the active subscription expires, thus ensuring uninterrupted use of the program. Therefore, it is advisable for a user with an active subscription to order the next subscription at least two working days before the end of their subscription in order to be able to use the program without interruption.

The license you have purchased can only be used on a device with a unique identifier sent as a note at the time of purchase, and cannot be transferred. So, when you buy a new device, you also have to subscribe to the new device for full functionality.

For payment and license issues, contact email: