Premium subscription

From the 1st of May, 2020., the use of the full functionality of the application will only be possible with a Premium subscription. Even without this, the program can be installed and the features will be available to try, but only to a limited time. The program will indicate when we have been using it in demo mode (for free) for too long and will alert you to subscribe to the Premium version. We will be able to do this in the PREMIUM menu item of the main menu. The Premium subscription is a monthly subscription that can be renewed on a monthly basis. The monthly subscription fee will be 5€. This equates to about the price of a wagon per year, which is an acceptable amount for a professional, versatile, constantly evolving control and a fraction of what an average modeler spends on their hobby.

Premium version subscription is not required in the following cases (all rights reserved to make changes):

1. On one occasion, it is also possible to request a 14-day trial in the Premium menu.

2. Locomotive with address 3 and accessories with address 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be controlled unlimited without a Premium subscription.

3. DigiWifi users do not need a Premium subscription for driving, individual accessory change, CV editing (i.e. for features that were free in the old DigiTrains app). This is only true for DigiWifi purchased before May 1, 2020, so whoever buys DigiWifi after that will no longer do so. This is handled automatically by the program. Use premium features like track routing, dispatcher game, model time, etc. Premium subscription required.

4. All users who use the DTPro Club Server in the Connection menu can drive a locomotive without the Premium subscription as described in the Club Server description. So you can only drive a locomotive. You cannot set accessories or make loud passenger announcements, and so on without Premium subscription. This makes it possible for multiple players to play on the layout with just one Premium subscription. This way, families and groups of friends do not have to buy a subscription for every device, it enough to have one on the DTPro Club Server device. Driving without a premium subscription using the DTPro Klub server:

How to subscribe for Premium

You can initiate a subscription from the PREMIUM menu in the DigiTrainsPro main menu, as well as from this website:

Video on the subscription process: 

Important: please add your App ID to the online order notes section:

Important: in case of direct bank transfer, please add your order number to the transfer notes section. The order number can be found in the automatic answer email after the online order.

General terms and conditions

Short GTC with the most important information related to the subscription. The acceptance of GTC is obligatory before the order: