Club Server

Club Server allows you to create a Club server on a particular device (for example, your laptop) to which other train drivers can join. We, the administrators of the server, say which player (connected device) can which train to drive and what other privileges he has. This is very useful, for example, in clubs or exhibitions: we do not give train drivers how they can connect to our command station, just how they can connect to the Club Server. At any time, we may remove the driving right from them, or we can assign them another locomotive and we can notify them on their display.

Connection diagram:

1. Any digital command center which can be selected in Settings / Connection menu.

2. Any device that DigiTrainsPro can run on. It can be a PC, laptop, tablet or phone with any supported operating system. It is important that you select the digital center which is connected in point 1 in this device’s Connection menu. In the Settings / Club server menu, you must enable the Club server.

3. Any devices that DigiTrainsPro can run on. It can be a PC, laptop, tablet or phone with any supported operating system. It is important that the DTPro Club Server is selected in the Connection menu. On these devices, you do not need to enable the Club server in the Settings / Club server menu because they are clients. Furthermore, you can even connect with a Roco WlanMaus as well.

To do on Club Server side:

To use the Club Server, on the server machine, turn on Club Server in the main menu:

Then tick the permission of the Club Server and save. After that, others can join us. Important: your windows defender firewall (or any other installed firewall software) must be swtiched off, or port 21105 must be enabled.

How to switch off Windows Defender firewall

Players will ask you IP address to connect. For this, you need to check your IP address, here are two videos how to check it:

How to check my IP 1
How to check my IP 2

If a device is connected, we’ll see it in the former Club Server menu. In addition, when a new device is connected, a message appears in the lower information bar, by clicking on it we can go directly into the Club Server menu. Here, we see the IP address and name of the connected device (if given by the driver).

Choosing the device you can give the right to drive and you can choose a locomotive for the player. Press the Send button to send the selected locomotive to his device. In this case, the player will see a popup window in which he can accept the locomotive that he has received. All parameters and functions of the train are delivered, such as the function icons for easier handling and the calibrated speed display. The picture of the locomotive is not transferred. The player can take a photo of the train if he would like to. The player can not see the blocked functions, such as the volume setting or other unwanted function.

In the Club Server menu, the player with the right to drive is marked with a green stripe.

You can delete any player in the list by sliding it left or enable or disable the driving right (main switch icon).

If there is no connection with a player, a red strip will appear on the player list element.

If you edit anything on this page, please press SAVE in main menu before you exit the app. This way the Club server list will remain with the permissions even after exit.

To do on player side:

Select DTPro Club Server connection in Main menu / Connection menu.

In Main menu / Settings / DTPro Club Server settings, configure the Club Server IP address and enter your name and then save. The name will be shown for Club Server administrator in connected devices list. (Please request the Club Server IP address from the host of the Club Server).

Then wait until a pop up message shows the train that we can drive.

Save the new locomotive and start the game. We can not drive other locomotives or edit the visibility of the functions. Use of the Emergency Stop button is also determined by the administrator.

To disconnect, we can close the DigiTrainsPro application or select a digital command center in the Connection menu.