Dispatcher game

With the Disptacher game, you can act as a dispatcher and control the traffic of your table in a control panel. In the top left menu, open the Dispatcher game menu.

After opening, the most recently used layout will be loaded or, if you do not have a any, then an empty one. The size will be as large as the space available on the device. On a wide display, we reach the other menus in the far right bar while we see the layout as well. Thus, it is possible to set track tracks at once and play loud passenger information or even drive locomotives.

To edit the track layout, press the pencil icon. In the header you will find a drop-down menu, which will help you select what you want to edit on the track.

Let’s start with the Layout menu to draw the tracks. To the right we can see the optional track elements in a list, select the one you want to place on the layout and click where you want to place it. This way, we can create the track drawing one by one with the track elements.

Once we have finished with the tracks, we put the accessories on the layout. It is worthwhile to open the accessories menuĀ  from the header to the far right bar, so we can see what we can manage and add new tools or edit them if needed. Select the Accessories drop-down menu in the dispatcher editor, then select the accessories one by one and select the grid on the layout where to place it.

Once the accessories have been installed, the routes can follow. You should now switch to the routes on the right side to see what you can add or to edit them if needed. It is important that we can only include those routes in dispatcher game that we have already been added to the Routes menu. The process of adding track routes to the layout is as follows:

  1. Select the route you want to edit from the drop-down menu
  2. From the other drop-down menu next to the route drop-down, first select the starting point and place the starting point on the layout
  3. Then, select the Endpoint in the drop down menu and place it on the layout
  4. Then select the Track elements in the drop down menu and select grids one by one which belongs to the route. The states of the accessories (switches, flags) visible on the layout are not important here, they will be set later when route is activated as it is set earlier in routes menu.
  5. Important: here we only set the starting and ending points of the route in the dispatcher game, which will be activated by touching the start and end point after each other. You also set which track elements to colorize in dispatcher game if route is activated.

If your track is split to blocks, and you want to show the occupancy of the sections in the dispatcher game, select the Blocks in the first drop-down menu. Then select the sensor which belongs to the block and mark the grids belonging to this block one by one on the layout. This will be indicated by a red color when playing, if the sensor is active.

When done, press Ready (check) button and you can start the game. In game mode, the occupied sections will be marked red. Below you can see that there is a train on the first track. From there I gave an exit to the left (marked yellow). You can change the status of the devices by clicking on them. With the left top KO button, you can delete all track routes and stop setting the current track, and all the signals will be set to red.

You can add a new layout by opening the popup menu in the upper right corner (3 consecutive points). Here you can also delete the current layout or close the dispatcher game window, so the entire screen will be used again (for desktop view).

If you edit anything on this page, please press SAVE in main menu before you exit the app.

I am considering the following new features in the future:

  • full screen view
  • optional design
  • storing and setting multiple route commands
  • match trains to blocks and track them on the layout
  • automatic train control
  • in addition what you would consider important. You can send requests and ideas to info@digitrainspro.hu