You can switch more accessories with one touch with route commands. Select Routes submenu in Accessories menu.

As with other menus, we have the option to search the list of route commands, and by dragging an item to the left we can delete or modify it.

When you add a new route use the rightmost checkbox to select the accessories from the list that you want to set, and then tap the device image to set them to the desired state.

Start and End signals for routes

You can set start and end signals to Routes as well. First check “Enable start and end signal settings for routes” in Routes submenu.

Then in route editor menu you can select any of the previosly added signals from the list of accessories. What are start end signal good for?

  1. If safety equipment warning is enabled in dispatcher game: Signal set: if there is a route for which a given singal is the start signal, all turnouts on the track must be in good direction, otherwise no signal may be given
  2. If signal prediction is enabled in dispatcher game: a start signal of a route can be adjusted based on the end signal of that route if the route is activated. This funcion is currently only tested with Digitools DigiSignal ( ) signal decoder with Hungarian signals (it may be used with german signals as well).

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