Model time

Model Time allows you to display model time for scheduled play with a desired acceleration.

Open Model time from main menu:

In the Model Time menu, use the gear icon to set the start time, the rate at which the clock is accelerated (for example: speed 5 means one minute is 12 seconds in model time), then use the play icon to start the clock.

If there is a big delay in your scheduled game you can stop the clock with the pause icon at any time. Run it full screen on a device, put it in a prominent place where dispatchers and loco drivers can see the model time!

If you see the pause icon, the clock runs. If you see the play icon then the clock is paused. Click on the icons to start or stop the clock.

You can adjust the font size of the clock with the slider at the bottom of the screen when the clock is paused. The font size you set is automatically saved.

Further improvements coming soon: model time display in dispatcher view, loco driver view, club server synchronization with centralized model time control.