Station speaker

You can open the Station speaker menu from the header menu with this icon:

In the top row you can select MÁV announcements or Text to speech announcements. MÁV is only useful for Hungarian users.

Text to Speech

First select the voice using the Select voice… button. Here, you’ll find languages installed on the device that have a text-to-speech feature.

If you cannot find the language you want, install it in the operating system settings:

Windows 10: link
Android: go into Settings and look for Language and input menu or similar. Here you will find Text to speech option where you can install languages with text to speech feature.

After installing a language always restart the DigiTrainsPro application.

Once you have selected the desired language, you can browse a signal (mp3 format) from your machine if available (optional).
Then enter the text you want to read in the bottom box and press the Play button. When everything is done well, the text is read out.


  • If you can not hear anything, check that the volume of the media is not muted
  • Verify that you have selected the voice using the Select voice… button. The active: field can not be empty.