Using DigiTrains, you can control your model railroad layout from your phone, tablet, or computer with WIFI.

From the locomotive library you can easily and quickly select the locomotive you want to control, which you can create a unique photo.

You can reach the speed, direction and all the functions of the locomotive with a single touch while you are free to move around your layout.

Finally, you do not have to remember the addresses, you can play very simply, even with multiple trains.

You can add any number of data to trains, sort them into groups, and filter in locomotive library for any data or group.

Use the Dispatcher game, simply set up routes, track occupied sections on the layout, play Station speaker announcements. With the Model Time function, trains can run on schedule!

The program is available on Android, IOS and Windows 10. Continuous development, based on the demands of the users!

The following digital command centers are compatible with the app: Roco Z21, JMRI, Digikeijs DR5000, Digitools DigiWifi, Digitools DigiProgram and DigiTrainsPro Club Server.