DigiWifi settings

To connect to a DigiWifi device manufactured by DigiTools, select the DigiWifi connection from the Main menu / Connection menu.

DigiTrainsPro only compatible with DigiWifi firmware version 4.1 or higher. You can download the latest firmware from this link:


For more information on DigiWifi, visit:


After Selecting Connection, set the DigiWifi IP Address in the DigiWifi Settings menu. Join the DigiWifi WiFi network. If you connect directly to DigiWifi, it is under IP address If DigiWifi is connected to a router and we are connected to DigiWifi this IP may change. If the router is enabled to send broadcast messages and DigiWifi descovery is enabled in DigiTrainsPro, within 10 seconds after we are on the same network as DigiWifi, a popup window shows DigiWifi IP address and it can be saved. If we do not receive such a message, check the DigiWifi IP address on the router’s administration page and enter here. How to check this IP address can be seen in the router’s description.


You cannot use sensors and block occupancy with DigiWifi.