Accessory page

Handling of the turnouts and other accessories (lights, barriers, smoke generators, etc.) is achieved by pressing the branch arrow button in the header menu.

There is a subheader, where you can switch between the different subfunctionalities of accessories.


Notice that the list items can be moved to the left to access the Edit Menu (Gear) and Delete accessory option. In the search box, you can narrow down your list by names and addresses. For example, if you have more than one station, you might want to type in the name of the station into the name field of the accessory so that you can easily filter through the accessories of a particular station (including turnouts, lights). Also you might want to type the switch, lamp, or other type of device to filter them later.
On this page, you can add accessories to the list by clicking Add new accessory. Next to this button on the right side, the three-point button opens the Accessory submenu.

Name: The name of the accessory in the list. We can filter this in the search box above the list.

Address: Address of the device. If you choose an image in the Icon list that has two addresses, you can set two addresses here. Usually, you need to set up consecutive addresses in this case.

Swtich delay time: Delay between dcc commands. You should only change this if you know what it is used for.

Icon: Here you can set the icon for the given accessory in the list. This also influences how it appears in dispatcher game and whether one or two addresses can be added to it.

Status: The status table allows you to set which image combination to display in the list at which status. To change this, press the picture in the Image column and select the desired picture to show for that status. If you press the active button, the command will be sent to the accessory to change to that status.

For more information how to set up a turntable, please read this post

If you edit anything on this page, please press SAVE in main menu before you exit the app.