Speed display

You can display the speed of the locomotive in different ways.

To open the menu, tap speed in the driver menu or in the locomotive settings menu, select the Speed display menu.

In the menu below you can configure the speed calculation method and the unit of measurement to be displayed.

There are four types of display modes to choose from:

Speed step: No speed conversation. Just show the actual speedstep. In this case no unit is shown on screen.

Automatic: Using a default conversation from speedsteps which fits for most of the models. For more accurate speed display please select one of the other options.

Automatic 40 km/h: Use current speed of the train as 40 km/h: Start your locomotive and increase the speed until you estimate it goes with 40 km/h (or 25 mph). Then come into this menu and press save to match 40 km/h for your current speedstep. For more accurate speed display please select one of the other options.

Calculate: Measure and select one meter (100cm) on your track (1 meter equals 1.1 yard, which is 1 yard and 1 span approx.). Accelerate your train outside of the selected block to 50% of the speed (to speed 7 in 14 speedstep mode, to speed 14 in 28 speedstep mode, to speed 63 in 128 speedstep mode). Keep this speed and with a stopper measure how much time (in seconds) it takes for the train to go along the 1 meter selected track. Type in the measured time into the editbox below. For more accurate speed display please select longer track. For example you can select 5 meters and measure the time on this longer block. At the end please devide the outcome with 5 (if you used 5 meters). You may also measure the time several times and count avarage.

Unit: If the mph is selected, the program will convert the speed to mph.

If you edit anything on this page, please press SAVE in main menu before you exit the app.